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My latest novel Preserving Liberty is available for purchase! This romantic suspense features historic preservation specialist Liberty Carmichael, who loves her position at the Library of Congress, caring for America’s oldest documents. When she intercepts an inside threat by a radical group planning to steal part of Thomas Jefferson’s original collection, she takes it to the highest authority–her father, the president. When he fails to take the threat seriously, she steals the books to keep them safe.

Undercover FBI agent Cole Harding is close to disbanding the group responsible for killing his father. Believing documents once owned by Thomas Jefferson hold clues to answering a two hundred year old question, the group’s next preservingliberty_pa12303_680target is the Library of Congress. However, he wasn’t expecting the First Daughter to get caught in the middle.

Will Cole convince the president to trust his abilities? Can he keep Liberty safe without blowing his cover? Can either protect their hearts?

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me-signing-contractWhat else am I working on?

My publisher, Pelican Book Group, has offered a contract for book two of my Cadence of Acadia series! How to Stir a Baker’s Heart is a sweet romance between a blueberry farmer and a bakery owner. This standalone novel will also give readers another glimpse of Huck and Arianne from How to Charm a Beekeeper’s Heart.


Two NEW project are in the works as well! Details to come.

 Why I Write…

Books aren’t material objects to me–they’re a passion. My love for the written word began before I could read. As a child, I’d surround myself with stacks of books and pretend I was either the librarian or the patron, looking for that special book guaranteed to whisk me away to another time and place. On a rainy summer day, I could be found in my bedroom with my Casio radio and a blank cassette tape, recording audio books for my own enjoyment.

As I grew older, I began to dream of seeing my own books in print. Time passed as I studied the craft of writing. I met the hero of my life’s story, started a career, and had three energetic–and wonderful–boys. Though I set my dream aside, it never died. Shortly after my third son was born, God told me it was time to unearth that dream, blow off the dust, and use it for Him.

My husband and I are very nostalgic. We prefer antiques and odds-and-ends over anything modern, and we love the stories and lessons that can be learned from the past. That’s why I write Modern-Vintage Romance–a contemporary setting with raw, modern characters and threads of nostalgia. Why not have the best of both worlds? I love to hear from readers. You can contact me via my contact page. God bless!

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